Monday, January 21, 2008

I Should Have Expected This.

Microwaves, they have motors. Not quite the pitch of a vacuum, but a motor nonetheless.

My dog hadn't eaten for two days because we'd put her dinner down, then go off to reheat bit of our own dinners, like the easy fries...easy fries are fabulous, you know. But the microwave, it terrifies The Puppy. She stands in the middle of the kitchen with her ears flat against her head, her tail bravely tucked between her legs, and she toughs it out, the terrible 15-second reheating of my noodles and cauliflower.

Tonight, I knew it was dinnertime because The Puppy ran upstairs and tried to get under me.

(She finally ate tonight, btw, don't worry. We made sure she ate long before we even opened the microwave door.)

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