Monday, January 28, 2008

Another Day At The Unna Boot Factory.

There are two nurses who remove Unna Boots on Monday. Two of the other clinic nurses have quit because they couldn't handle working at the clinic. You may leap to the conclusion I'm judging them, however keep in mind I can't stand up for more than two hours or I pay for it for a week, but I can't remember that because my brain fell out in 1988. No, I mentioned them only to contrast against the nurse that my mother thankfully didn't get...who handed the scissors to a patient to take off his own Unna Boot. You may recall people call those things casts.

Four weeks back the vascular specialist who hasn't been seen again insisted he was the only person trained to put an Unna Boot on. Nurses have been putting them on my mother since then. I don't really mind that because you know and I know nurses have their shit together more than most doctors, but...I could buy Unna Boots on eBay. I'm just sayin'. It would cost less than the parking. And whatever mystery funds the hosiptal is tacking onto the bill. I'm not entirely sure I would be able to manage to not make her leg bleed profusely when removing it, but then again the nurse today said that shows circulation!

Four days until Mum is eligible for Medicare.

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