Friday, January 25, 2008

Input Director made my day.

Last night I felt rather crap, so as usual, I sat in front of Newsgator, scrolling past things for all infinity. I caught an article on Lifehacker about a program that lets someone with networked PCs to use the same mouse and keyboard over two or more computers.

Now, I didn't need Input Director, but using it was way too much fun. I could run the mouse off the side of my old-ass Powerspec, and it would magically appear on the Dell with Vista! It works on Vista!

So far, my only quibble is that, like The Matrix, if the mouse is in the Dell at shutdown, it dies in its host computer too. But that just teaches me not to go stick my input devices into things that are shutting down.

Update: The hot-key combination designed to return control to the "master" computer works very well provided the user knows the difference between left and right. I'm just sayin'. If you're like me, the hot key can be changed to be any combination of keys.

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