Monday, January 07, 2008

Secret Agent LeFluffe in: Sexy Cookie Time

Secret Agent LeFluffe had been sleeping all night, but when he heard the whistle of the tea kettle, he sprang into action, leaping over couches and televisions to reach the nearest table in his usual drinking establishment.

He stood on the table and his eyes flashed. "Gimme the White Russian without the Russian, bebbe, I got all night!"

Women flung themselves at him with dessert carts. "Ya!" Secret Agent LeFluffe announced, selecting an orange cupcake with tasty creme filling that made a jaunty white moustache and goatee on his face.

Just then, the mafia burst in, gunning for LeFluffe!

"Hey, bebbe, I just saw that guy out there though the window," LeFluffe lied, finishing his drinkie as the mafia fell out the tenth-story window.

"Ya," Secret Agent LeFluffe purred, curled up in a hot broad's arms.

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