Friday, May 29, 2009

Avast Ye!

Ahoy mateys, me post-a-day week be drawin' to an end and still I ehn't caught up on me past 100 Word Stories' weekly challenge tales.

Challenge #159 were Telescope, and ye see where this be goin' already, don't ye?

Avast ye, an' hear the tale o' eggheaded Iggy, the pegleg o' Kitt Peak.

'Twere last year'n he joined our crew, keepin' mostly to hisself, never partakin' o' the grog nor goin' ashore fer love. The day he swapped the Cap'n's spyglass with a "Six-inch Newtonian reflector," we gave 'im a right flogging afore makin' him walk the plank clutchin' his fancy equipment.

Only afterwards we found the ship were fitted with warpin' drives o' some kind. None o' me buckos knew how to work the thing an’ that's how we come to land 'ere on this frozen rock, Triton.

...Triton, ye see, is an icy moon. I be a scurvy egghead.

To hear my bizarre pirate voice and crappy mic technique, as well as 11 other focal lengths of telescope, click here.

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