Thursday, May 28, 2009


Realizing I'll probably need to go a-post-a-day next week as well to really catch up on my entries for the 100 Word Stories' weekly challenge has only made me feel less like my life has been a waste.

Challenge #158 was Knock Knock, and anyone who remembers that annoying little nine-year-old with the book of knock-knocks probably expected me to do just fine on this one.

However...I never told one like this in real life. I swear. Puppies are dangerous, anyway.

Oh yeah, and the joke ties into the previous week's theme, so you need to go listen to that if you haven't already to fully get why I use a very bad word indeed THREE TIMES.

"Why is the sky blue?"

"I don't know, probably some mysterious cosmic coloring, like eggs."

"What about eggs?"

"Well, they're yellow and no one knows why."

"The chickens know, but we ate them!"

"That’s right sweetie! All beat up with a little mayo! You're so smart!"

"I got a joke!"

"Let's hear it!"

"Knock knock!"

"Who's there?"

"Two dogs fucking!"

"Honey, that’s not really something you should say for another fifteen years at least."


"Okay, okay...two dogs fucking who?"



"You're silly!"

"Get them off me!"

"I want a puppy!"

To hear me humor myself, as well as 15 much better stories, click here.

A little behind-the-scenes trivia to this one, I had spent about an hour looking for the legendary microphone I know I have, but was in the middle of spring allergy hell '09 week one, and eventually gave up and read it into the camera again, cursing the tinnitus as helpfully as possible. Then I remembered where I keep the mic. There's a tag on Twitter known as FML. Yeah. Oh yeah. It doesn't mean FailMicLynda, either, but being I've already used that particular one of the seven words you can't say a lot in this post, I'll leave it as an acronym.

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