Thursday, May 07, 2009

Off The Shallow End

Oh ho ho, I still have stories I sent in for 100 Word Stories' weekly challenges!

As March ended the theme was Swimming in De Nile. I had three ways I was going on this, as is my usual way of doing everything, but in this case I picked one and saw it through to completion, because I'm so good at finishing things when I lay off everything else I make myself sick!

Other ways this could have gone involved an Amelia Peabody-like adventure and just talking really dumb. Not a stretch for me. Here's what I went with:

In the summer of 1927 I was part of an expedition to uncover the lost temple of Sobek-Ra, the crocodile god of Egypt. It was hot inside the tombs, but it was even hotter outside. At the end of the day we’d wash the sand and sweat off in the river, ignoring the warnings of the locals about what lay beneath the surface. I was the only only one to survive.

I still hear the sound when I try to sleep. Those days were called the roaring
twenties for a reason, just not the reason anyone wants to admit.

Whoo, spooky! Hear me read it and wade into 10 other tales here.

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