Monday, May 25, 2009

What's Black, White, & Red & Has Trouble Going Through A Revolving Door?

The backlog of my entries for the 100 Word Stories' weekly challenges is starting to bother me, like how I guess people who still have to catch up on Battlestar Galactica would be bothered if I made Restaurant At The End Of The Universe jokes, so I'm going to post a story a day this week and that oughta square it away.

The theme for challenge #155 was Rusty Steel, something I have a lot of experience with, eh? No, I didn't bring that up, I went totally another way.

"Excuse me sir, are you Hattori Hanzo?"


"With all due respect, sir, I was here when that lady came in here before and--"

"Yeah, alright, it’s me! What do you want?"

"Well, sir, I was wondering if you could do anything about this sword?"

"Oh...what have you done to it? This is not a disposable weapon, you fool! It is a work of art! My steel must be treated with respect! Oiled, cleaned, kept...out of certain things. Tell me, how did it get into this state?"

"It's really hard to shower with a sword through my head, sir."

The nun with a spear through her head joke always used to crack me up.

To hear my horrible Sonny Chiba impression and 8 other swashbucklers go listen to the challenge and beware the six-fingered man!

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