Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Boot To The Head

People of Internet, what is this thing you call rebooting? I read sometimes about "first reboot in X days" or "had to reboot today." Like it's some rare thing.

On my planet, I've turned my damn computer off every damn night for the past 25 years. When I'm not using it, it GOES OFF. For good measure, I turn the power strip off, too. If I had it my way that thing that goes around in the electric meter would be at a standstill while I slept (never mind that I can't sleep, pretend it's a simile to rebooting my mind.)

I also unplug my printer/scanner/telectroscope when I'm not using it.

When I die, I'll let you know how much money I saved.

1 comment:

Anne D. said...

You are a good doo-bee! I do turn my computer off every night, but not my printer or power strip. I'll probably be sorry some day, and you can say "nyah nyah". :-)