Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nicholas Sparks Will Have To Kill Me For This Story

Another day, another entry for the 100 Word Stories' weekly challenge!

Challenge #156 was The Stinking Rose, and having seen Nacho Libre earlier that week I first thought of a wrestler intro, but then the usual pains in the ass that live in my head started getting noisy and this is what they made me write:

My wife, bless her, was such a romantic. You'd never know it to look at her when she'd start throwing things and feeding me stuff to aggravate my gout, but she always went on about this rose some guy gave her on their first date.

On our fortieth anniversary, I bought a rose and put it right in the middle of the bed for her to find. She never mentioned it. I just figured I got it wrong.

When the movers took the washing machine what do you think was on the floor with all the lint? That stinkin' rose.

This sad tale and 15 other variations on the theme are all here, and man do I pile on the New York accent in my reading. Then I dissolve into explaining my story because I'd recently been too close to density, killer of subtle plots.

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