Saturday, May 02, 2009

Songs of My Misspent Youth: Love & Pride

Love & Pride by King. Not Queen, not Prince, not even Princess, who had a hit in the '80s called Say I'm You're Number One. King.

It was one of the first videos I saw on U68, the tri-state area's UHF alternative to MTV. U68 became the only station I watched for nearly two years. Sure, I'd flip over to PBS once in a while, but the music U68 played was great. It made me happy, and started me off editing music videos in my head. Man, I had some good ones.

After U68 was sold to the Home Shopping Network and I spiraled into new wave withdrawal, I found WLIR. They played King. A lot. Some twenty years later they still played Love & Pride by King, and I was still listening to it, albeit from the back of my car on the way to have my dog's knee surgery stitches removed. Haven't heard the song much lately, but when it comes on, I know for four minutes or so I'll be hearing something good.

Every copy of the video of YouTube has embedding disabled, so you'll just have to click on over there if you want to see a bunch of kids spray painting their shoes and dancing around to a neat song.

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